This is a summary of the work done by the Enecuum development team during the week of March 15–21

⚡️We analyse results of the BIT PoW testing month. The only issue detected was caused by erratic images published 16 of March. To prevent a replay of the issue we plan to extend autotests coverage. Recap BIT PoW testing: we enabled full speed RandomX, added AES hardware support flag for non-x64 CPUs, watched different hashrate with stable 15 sec between blocks. Thank you for participating.

⚡️As for ENEX, we test updated cashier (a part of the node) with DEX contracts support on historical data.

⚡️The first iteration of Enecuum Chrome Extension is under review in the Chrome Web Store. It will be available for a try soon.

Website | Blockchain Explorer | Bit Network | Guides

⚡️Explorer finally has account tags. To add a tag you should follow the same procedure as with the PoS/Token description but modify info/account-info-storage-enq.json instead.

⚡️BIT PoW images updated with RandomX miner mode enabled. It will increase your hashrate at the cost of additional RAM consumption. We recommend 8 GB RAM to run it seamlessly. Delete current version and start from scratch to test it.

⚡️Enex (AMM DEX) swaps and pool creation are being tested in an isolated environment.

Website | Blockchain Explorer | Bit Network | Guides

⚡️To ensure that Enecuum network is ready for serious dex trades, the Core team and the DEX team together conducted performance tests in the Dev network on the current version of nodes. One million transactions per day is not a problem💪. And we have ways to boost it.

⚡️Explorer updated. Now you can add logos to PoS and Token pages. Account tags are coming.

⚡️Google Play Wallet released. It may take some time before it will be available to download in different countries.

⚡️First transactions were sent in BIT with Enecuum Wallet Chrome extension. Release is just around the corner.

Website | Blockchain Explorer | Bit Network | Guides


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