Enecuum | Review of 2018 | Vision for 2019

Enecuum started as a vision of a better system and grew into the concept of an adaptive decentralized environment where any business goal can be reached. The idea emerged in 2015 and shaped up into a complete design around 2017–2018. Enecuum met a lot of obstacles but instead of giving up we have started working on the whole new concept of future for different life spheres.

Enecuum started gaining more trust when first presented its idea to the blockchain community, which still has a lot of loyal followers who believe in the project’s success.

Enecuum has set the first Proof of Concept. In June, 2018 our team demonstrated the PoC on mobile phones, proving that mobile mining is possible and also marked the beginning of work on Trinity Consensus consisting of PoW (Proof of Work), PoS(Proof of Stake) and PoA(Proof of Activity).

From the very start of 2018, Enecuum has began a daily work on the project, adding new repositories in Github. At the moment we own 58 repositories which show the progress of Enecuum work. Some of them are open, so anyone who is interested in checking up the results could simply download and even launch to see how it works.

Enecuum team has been doing the R&D of the prototypes (Proof of Concept) in different programing language including C++, Haskell and JavaScript.

Our researchers have written technical articles telling about our major releases and updates in details:

  1. Data Structures used in Enecuum Trinity Consensus Algorithm
  2. Reward mechanism in Enecuum Trinity Consensus Algorithm
  3. Introducing the manager of coin emission, Neuro pt.1
  4. Introducing the manager of coin emission, Neuro pt.2
  5. Enecuum Framework possibilities pt.1
  6. Enecuum Framework possibilities pt.2

Our tech lead and cryptography specialist, Konstantin Zhidanov, has performed on stage of the 16th meet up of blockchain developers community in St.Petersburg telling about Enecuum Blockchain Algorithm. Video is available with English subs:

Also, detailed technical updates and adjustments are shown in the regular progress reports that we post on Medium:

  1. Report #1
  2. Report #2

We’re extremely excited about the new tech releases that will appear in 2019 — we already have significant plans being realized for the next year. In order to be updated on time, visit our Github and follow our Medium.

2018 was rich with the important events for blockchain and crypto- spheres, assembling hundreds of specialists, funds and projects together in order to share the experience and tell about the new technologies’ concepts developed by these projects.


In April, Enecuum representatives, Jev Vainsteins and Mikhail Sayfullin, went to Switzerland, which is one of the pioneers of Blockchain & Fintech, home for Crypto Valley and one of the strongest Blockchain ecosystems of the world. Enecuum has took 1st place on Blockshow Competition and visited the 2-nd Blockchain Summit, Crypto Valley, focused on the intersection of enterprise and startup approaches to building new things with the distributed ledger technology:


We were invited there by Vodafone to participate in the Arch Summit 2018 that took place at Luxexpo on May 3–4. Arch Summit is an event organized by Tomorrow Street to bring innovators and decision makers together and let professionals build a better communication. This time Enecuum was represented by Jev Vainsteins.

During the conference, we presented our version of mobile mining. This blockchain protocol holds a tremendous potential and no doubt will draw attention of mobile network operators.


Enecuum was invited to join event Decentralized Finance & AI hosted by TrustVerse.

Mikhail Sayfullin (ENQ CEO) represented Enecuum platform and told about future of blockchain technologies.

The future of the blockchain gives us high hopes. However, even with the innovative technology on the market, there is still a lot of work needed to be done in terms of speed, security and scalability for blockchain to stand out as a true competitor to the traditional dangerous networks.


One of the hottest blockchain conferences, Block020 by NexChange, was held in Hong Kong in May. First day, Jev Vainsteins has joined the panel discussion over Proof-of-Concept/Work/State/Space & Time. The second day, Fintech020 by NexChange traditionally involved a lot of networking. Jev has given an interview to one of the Japanese media:

Later we had a private meetup where we explained potential investors why our platform is the choice for integrating business processes:


Korean blockchain week which Enecuum co-founder Ivan V. Ivanov has visited July, 16. He became a speaker during the panel discussion and talked about issues which would make Crypto go mainstream.Blockchain week is a grand event dedicated to new technologies and the economy revolution with blockchain. The panel discussion is meant to give the leading blockchain experts and companies to communicate with their followers, present their ideas to the large audience and to answer the questions of wide public concern. The video of the panel discussion is available here.


August 8, Enecuum CBDO, Jev Vainsteins, has attended the Blockchain Breakfast Club and performed as a guest speaker.In this inteview Jev is speaking about his own experience, Enecuum advantages, its technology and answering the questions of the audience.


This September, SF Blockchain Academy invited the most successful and promising speakers to talk about blockchain in Hong Kong. All of them are representatives of grand companies that provide future to the world. Among them — Enecuum co-founder Ivan V. Ivanov (September, 27) and CFO Jason Yee (September, 13 and September, 20). The lessons took place in Enecuum Hong Kong office.

The importance of such lessons was commented by Jason:

About 25–30 people turned out to learn more about blockchain. Many were keenly interested in this new crypto space but at the same time looking for the new blockbuster coin. Some were novice investors who are looking to invest while others are upskilling their knowledge. Overall, event was quite successful with special thanks to Enecuum for hosting this and the next two events.


This one was hosted by Enecuum and iCapital.io. It could be called a significant event because it has put major funds and projects together and gave them a chance to get to know each other better. Ivan Ivanov, who was the party co-founder, has participated in discussions and made a demo. All in all, this party was successful and satisfied the expectations.


Another event also happened September, 20 has brought a great experience and communication which were the main aims of the brunch.


A great event took place in Hong Kong — an annual FinTech Week 2018, which is the world’s first cross-border financial technology event. It’s one of the largest conferences on the calendar, attracting more than 8000 senior executives and featuring over 200 of the world’s top FinTech founders, investors, regulators, and academics. Enecuum is a member of Fintech Association of Hong Kong and was one of the promising projects presented during the event and had its own exhibition stand.


October 16, BigCoin Viet Nam Youtube channel has made a live broadcast of Enecuum Testnet. This was the first public Testnet demonstration which was quiet successful. This online demonstration combined an interview with Enecuum representatives, Ivan Ivanov, ENQ co-founder and Konstantin Zhidanov, ENQ tech lead and cryptography specialist.They gave answers on the most popular questions, told about Enecuum concept and technical side, which contains Trinity consensus with three working algorithms, PoA, PoS and PoW.

Enecuum marketing department has been working on making the project recognisable. We were mentioned by some significant media resources well known in crypto sphere. Sharing grand events in Enecuum is one of steps to get people know about us and follow the idea of making the future closer.

  1. Blockchain.ru
  2. Tradercobb.com
  3. Cryptocalibur.com

Enecuum is an innovative solution that is bringing forward advances in a number of areas related to smart contracts, consensus algorithms and DAG technology.

4. Crowdfundinsider.com

The key differences of this platform are said to include the ability to process hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, and a very high degree of protection against attacks. The transaction fee is said to be zero or has a minimal value.

5. Coinspeaker.com

Enecuum is a state-of-the-art blockchain environment that promotes security through smart contracts, allowing instant transactions with zero commission.

6. Vc.ru

7. Cointelegraph.com

Great professionals joined the project board in 2018. Enecuum advisors and partners have a grand experience of project working. We had a pleasure to welcome such specialists like Jorge Sebastiao, Stan Prihodko, Ran Neu-Ner, Lana Lyu, Alexandr Rugaev, Tarun Jaswani, Shelly Hod Moyal who is also an advisor of iCapital and Henok Tekle, co-founder and managing partner of AlphaChain:

Vieo is available at the link

Enecuum also has concluded a several significant partnerships which were mentioned in social networks and in ENQ articles:

Also, Bitgosu partners, Upstudy and Coinsuper have joined Enecuum this year.

Enecuum is a member of Fintech Association of Hong Kong.

Enecuum Private Sale, which had 3 stages, is over. We are glad to announce that it involved so many people who believe in project. Tokens are now in owners’ private accounts on enecuum.com .

Total amount of tokens sold: 33 834 817 ENQs

Total amount of money raised: ≈ $1,5 mn

Token price changed during the stages from $0,04 to $0,06.

We will give the detailed information about unsold tokens before the Mainnet launch in 2019.

Enecuum Airdrop is over now. We gave an opportunity for everybody to easily receive the reward for simply following a few steps. Besides that, this was also a way to become a part of Enecuum community. We have offered participants to register on the Airdrop page and make posts, tweets, videos, or create unique content to become the best and receive up to 5 000 ENQ.

We also started a few separate Telegram and social activities where followers could earn extra ENQs by making pictures, reposting and sharing the posts.

Enecuum team is incredibly thankful for every single person who has made an effort to earn tokens and join the community. For now, token distribution is over and all the participants have received their rewards.

Next stage of Airdrop is planned for this spring. This is going to be a special one, which will have a blockchain explorer ready for participants to mine and get rewarded for it. Testnet launch is planned for the end of March, 2019.

Also, Enecuum will start new activities for its Telegram and social networks followers as the extra opportunities to earn ENQs.

Enecuum has great plans for bringing in the rewards for developers and cybersecurity which will be represented as special Airdrops. They will be separately announced.

Enecuum is thinking about the appliance of private blockchain solutions on a base of Enecuum prototype. The market has got a profound interest for blockchain. So, our team is also going to make an R&D of creating the blockchain solutions for enterprise. Now we are already negotiating with Energetics, Banking and Logistics companies.


So, here is the detailed review of 2018 and a further vision for 2019 of Enecuum. Our team is working hard everyday to make a reality from concept of blockchain becoming a part of usual life. Integration of new technologies can make most of our life spheres transparent, safe and more effective.

In order to get the last updates on the project, please follow us on socials and join the Telegram chat:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/enecuum.EN

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ENQ_enecuum

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/enecuum-limited/




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