ENQ progress report #1

4 min readOct 29, 2018

We have decided to add a new article to our monthly headings. To make our progress clear and show the ongoing work of our team we present you a digest of the latest updates.

Airdrop Launched.We have launched the Airdrop to build up the strong trusting community and to make more people know about the project. The idea is simple — we give participants some easy social media tasks and reward them for the quality work. Check out the Airdrop terms and join it now! Complete tasks and earn ENQ tokens — as easy as that!

Website Redesign. Enecuum site has evolved into something brand new! Now it got more informative, dynamic and user friendly. We are still making small changes so if you have noticed any mistake — please let us know!

Token Sale Dates Changed. Due to prevailing bearish market conditions and considers the interests of strategic partners and funds who have already joined our project. We are also mindful of the interests of our future partners. Read more in our previous article:

  • Testnet Reaches 9 000 Transactions per Second. Enecuum team was working hard to reach this number, but there is still a long way so we keep going forward.
  • The stable work of testnet is provided. It is now demonstrated to funds, journalists, business companies, potential investors in a closed mode.
  • Enecuum mobile application is prepared to be launched. First test group has started the full mode testing of the application (PoA).
  • The PoA commands mechanics has been updated. We have implemented a new algorithm for autotests.
  • Added PoA devices version control inside the protocol.
  • Optimized the test net work in case of abnormal loading leaps.
  • Prepared the synchronization with the smart-contract for Airdrop rewarding.
  • Prepared the integration for matching the mobile application wallet (PoA) to the personal account on airdrop.enecuum.com through the OTP.
  • CI for staging and genesis version and PoA apps
  • CD to google play PoA apps
  • Bugfix to dashboard in blockhain explorer

Also, our team of Haskell developers has solved the following issues:

  • TCP, UDP, interfaces, realization and the test runtime
  • Cryptography, random, console
  • Nodes scenarios with the blocks and transactions, cryptography and the scenario of the synchronization
  • Began to work with the database
  • Tests for scenarios and framework functionality

Enecuum representatives have organized, co-hosted and participated in a lot of events this month: SF Blockchain Academy lessons in ENQ Hong Kong office, iCapital VIP cocktail party, EMX&ENQ Crazy rich brunch. Detailed report:

Lately, Enecuum team (Jason Yee and Ivan Ivanov) was participating in the lecture for the students of Hong Kong Polytechnic University which is considered as one of the leading in tech:


So, this report shows the main achievements of the ENQ team in tech, events and general means. We will keep our followers updated with such reports each 2 weeks to demonstrate the work process and to be closer to our community. Stay tuned for more!

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/enecuum.EN

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ENQ_enecuum




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