How to Create Your MetaMask Wallet

3 min readNov 9, 2018

Now when Enecuum is on the 2nd stage of private sale, we still get some questions on which wallet to use and how to create your own wallet. We always recommend to use Metamask. Today we give you a brief manual on how to create MetaMask wallet.

Step 1. Install MetaMask in your browser. We recommend you to use Google Chrome. This is how their official website looks like:

The extension will appear in the top right corner of your browser.

Installed extension will be shown in the corner of Chrome

Step 2: Click on the icon on the top right of your browser. Scroll down all the way and click continue.

Create a password for MetaMask

Notice! Make sure to save your seed words and keep them. These 12 words are the only way to restore your MetaMask account.

Save your 12 words. They will help to restore your acc if needed

Step 3. Make sure that you are in the “Main Ethereum Network.”

This is actually it! You are done with creating your own MetaMask wallet and ready to join Enecuum in order to become the part of future!

P.S. Sometimes it’s tough to find your public wallet address. In that case, click on your MetaMask Plugin located at the top right corner of your browser. Then, click on the 3 dots next to your “Account Name”. Click on “Copy Address to clipboard”. Done! Now you can use your address. Please note that your MetaMask address should start with “0x”.

Good luck! Don’t forget to join Enecuum socials in order to join our Airdrop, private sale or ENQ logo activity which is live right now!








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